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Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana has coached thousands to:

  • Get focused and be accountable
  • Kick a stalled career or make a change
  • Handle difficult and important relationships

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Clearing the Mind

Hypnotherapy guides you in:

  • Eating, Weight and Exercise Challenges
  • Smoking and Other Habits and Addictions
  • Panic Attacks, Fears and Phobias

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 ”Is it mind first? Is it body first? When we are in that place of multi-dimensionality then we are truly functioning from all of realms in an integrated way”.
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The “Never Enough” Problem.

Never good enough. Never thin enough. Never clever enough. Never pretty enough. Never rich enough. Never successful enough.

We could


Beginners’ Mind

In a recent Fortune interview, Google co-founder Larry Page discussed his company’s early days:

Spring Equinox

This past week was the SPRING EQUINOX ­ A time for new beginnings! The SPRING


  • “Not only did Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana craft & execute our wedding exactly the way we envisioned it, she was there every step of the way to keep us centered and confident.”
    Christie and Josh Levine
  • “Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana brings years of experience in yoga, meditation, and holistic arts to deliver a truly profound experience. She is the UBER-yogi of LA!”
    Darren Star, Creator of Sex in the CityDarren Star Productions
  • “Many attendees told me how much they learned and gained from your presentations. The best thing I can say about you is you make anyone who books you look like a genius!”
    - Carol A. Davis, Esq.President, City of Hope
  • “The audience was wildly enthusiastic about Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana’s positive messages. What she had to say and her vivacious manner attracted a broad variety of people…”
    Kelly Graham Advertising and PR Director, National Productions, Inc.
  • “Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana’s impressive ability and insight gives you the tools to recharge your life and create a breakthrough to choose a better life.”
    - Christine Amalfi, Graphic Designer
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