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Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana has coached thousands to:

  • Get focused and be accountable
  • Kick a stalled career or make a change
  • Handle difficult and important relationships

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Clearing the Mind

Hypnotherapy guides you in:

  • Eating, Weight and Exercise Challenges
  • Smoking and Other Habits and Addictions
  • Panic Attacks, Fears and Phobias

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 ”Is it mind first? Is it body first? When we are in that place of multi-dimensionality then we are truly functioning from all of realms in an integrated way”.
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If Not Now, When?

Ladies , this is for you.

Men, I am working on a program for you.


The Time Is Now!

It’s the Spring time and love and change is in the air. As promised

The “Never Enough” Problem.

Never good enough. Never thin enough. Never clever enough. Never pretty enough. Never rich enough. Never successful enough. We could


  • “Not only did Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana craft & execute our wedding exactly the way we envisioned it, she was there every step of the way to keep us centered and confident.”
    Christie and Josh Levine
  • “Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana brings years of experience in yoga, meditation, and holistic arts to deliver a truly profound experience. She is the UBER-yogi of LA!”
    Darren Star, Creator of Sex in the CityDarren Star Productions
  • “Many attendees told me how much they learned and gained from your presentations. The best thing I can say about you is you make anyone who books you look like a genius!”
    - Carol A. Davis, Esq.President, City of Hope
  • “The audience was wildly enthusiastic about Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana’s positive messages. What she had to say and her vivacious manner attracted a broad variety of people…”
    Kelly Graham Advertising and PR Director, National Productions, Inc.
  • “Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana’s impressive ability and insight gives you the tools to recharge your life and create a breakthrough to choose a better life.”
    - Christine Amalfi, Graphic Designer
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