Life tugs at us sometimes and we get off focus.  All of us have goals and dreams and then there are the daily tasks that can add more “to dos”… Our “to do” lists can get crazy and we can forget our purpose and why we are really here.  Our state of mind can become off-balanced as we struggle to get things done. We become “doing” machines instead of BEING who we truly are.  Yet we know at a deep level that “doing” and “being” are very different. That’s why we meet. To reboot, stay focused, on point, brainstorm. LIVE is even better. In a fast moving, frenetic world we lose our connections which is the lifeline to our spiritual growth. You have done the groundwork and want to move forward. Many of you have made MAJOR changes in your life. Let’s continue.

I always like to use a book as a reference and I have chosen “The Power of Habit”-Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg. It’s a blueprint of ideas to refresh how to make your habits work for you.

Let’s turn our habits in healthy, productive ones.

We will run from October-January.

* A monthly one-on-one live session with me around your schedule. These sessions are invaluable as you know. We get right to the nitty gritty, * A monthly group session with all of us together live and interacting developing our ability to listen and have a community that supports you. You’re “sick of doing it alone” and need to be be supported. Our first session as a group will be October 9th. 5-7pm. If you have a conflict with that date let me know. We will meet at my office. * Discounts to any of my programs that pop up during the quarter. *Weekly Monday Mindfulness to set the tone for the week. *24/7 support. I am here for you. Investment: Early bird- $547 before September 28th After $597 Two payments $298.50 per month



Early bird- $547 before September 28th

After $597

Two payments $298.50 per month

Here’s to you gaining the personal power to accomplish anything that matters to you! Every major leap is possible with the right support.