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Every summer I am reminded of the benefits of meeting new folks live and in person. While I appreciate the benefits of our increasingly social networking world, I love the eye-to-eye contact and physical presence of being with people that offers community the old-fashioned way. Sensing that the physical experience is being lost more and more, I will hold a few programs this Fall in LA where we gather and share a deeper time together. If some things needs to change, don't procrastinate. Join me for the next Women's Circle and I will be also offering the first Men's Circle. Both will be held in Santa Monica with a limited space for personal attention.

With September, we close out the summer and begin afresh and hopefully re-invigorated. For each one of us that may mean something completely different. Getting the kids back to school, having a child go off to college, hanging onto a tenuous job situation, looking to re-invent yourself or kick-starting a commitment to getting fit for life. Are you procrastinating about what to do next? Go over the suggestions that I make this month and apply at least one nugget to your life and see where it takes you. If you need some support reach out to get back on track again.

Wherever you are this month in the country or abroad appreciate the color as the seasons change to remind us that we do too. How awesome it is!

Namaste and sweet blessings,,
Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana

Did you know?

An end of summer/early Fall evening walk or jog brings its own kind of euphoria, but the sensation known as runner's high is unleashed by a chemical cocktail of endorphins and dopamine. Dopamine is released whenever we try something new, so just changing up your routine can give a boost. Whether its taking an alternate route for a run, switching the time of day to do yoga, or listening to different music, keep it fresh. The release of endorphins- the body's natural opiates- correlates to effort. The more you workout, the more endorphins your body will release. No matter how busy your life gets, working out is a non-negotiable.

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Values, commitments and rewards all make successful people who they are. They "banish the gremlins", divide and conquer long lists of goals, focus on the target and - simply enough - aim on the target.

  1. Personal values development. Take the time to find out what you really want in life, what your personal values are. Do you want more time, more money, better health, greater self esteem and confidence, more fulfilling relationships, a different career, set up a business? When we procrastinate it's often because what we are planning to do is not really aligned with what we truly want. We may be scared of our skills (or perceived lack of) or fear ridicule from others.
  2. Make health a priority. Without good health we are less likely to have the energy and dynamism needed to make positive changes in our lives and it's easier (and necessary if you're very ill) to procrastinate. So ensure that you have a nourishing diet, sleep well, exercise and meditate. Incidentally, it is thought that regular meditation helps delay the worst effects of the ageing process.
  3. Visualize your life without procrastination. See and feel the benefits in your life if you didn't procrastinate. What could you do and achieve? Begin to act as if you're not a procrastinator. Write down, draw, imagine your life as a film. Use affirmations to help you.
  4. Join a support group. This might be a prayer-circle, a job-seekers meeting, or a group of folks with an issue similar to yours. Tread carefully here. You want to come away from these sessions feeling better, not worse. Find a group that is uplifting and makes you feel hopeful and connected to a supportive community.
  5. Banish the Gremlin. That little voice which runs on auto in your head - that dismisses any idea that you might have. It says things like "I'm not in the mood" "I don't have time" "I can't do this". Stop running on auto, replace the "should's" "oughts" "have to" with "want to" "desire". You have a choice. Acknowledge your choices and banish the Gremlin. Again, using affirmations can help you replace the Gremlin with more positive alternatives.
  6. Over commitment. Saying "yes" to everything - often leaves you feeling tired and without the energy to focus on what is most important to you. This leads to procrastination as projects and tasks are dropped. Identify what is most important to you and only focus on those areas which will make the biggest difference to your life. It will enhance your focus and motivation.
  7. Setting personal professional goals. It's hard to motivate yourself when you don't have a good idea of what you want to accomplish. So when setting goals think about what you want to achieve in the short term and long term. Techniques for doing so include the SMART strategy. S = specific M = measurable A= Action R = Realistic T = Time based. Use goal setting software to help you in goal planning and setting.
  8. Prioritize Your Goals. Develop a plan or schedule to help you reach your goals. In doing so you will begin to identify whether some elements need to be included or enhanced or dropped completely. Also remember to be flexible, revisit your goals regularly and modify or drop if appropriate. Just because a goal is written down doesn't mean that it is set in stone! Divide and conquer. Once you've prioritized your goals, divide them into smaller chunks. Sometimes we procrastinate because a project seems really large that the scale of it overwhelms us and puts us into a temporary form of paralysis - you don't know where to start, so you don't start at all! Approach each project - especially large ones - on a step by step basis.
  9. Reward yourself. Once you start to complete tasks, reward yourself by giving yourself something that you want. So instead of seeing a film before you complete a task, see it afterwards and make it a reward for you. Just get started. No excuses. Don't wait until you're "in the mood". The mood never comes! It is a clever camouflage and a delaying tactic. What you resist persists! Start with what is easiest, so that you experience immediate success, which will give you the fuel and motivation to upgrade and take on larger projects.

Do any of the above and you'll be well on your way to Kicking the Procrastination Habit. And if you're procrastinating over doing any of the above, then remember that life is the biggest deadline of all!

If you want support, contact Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana
Phone: (310) 840-2253

Announcements / Upcoming Events

Next Women's Circle starting end of September - Attracting Everything You Want Based on the book "Calling In The One" Level One

This is a four month program that will dramatically shift your perception of yourself and how you operate in the world

  1. A monthly live group meeting
  2. An amazing circle of new women friends who are willing to support your journey
  3. A monthly private one hour coaching call with Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana to access your progress
  4. A weekly Monday message to start the week
  5. Support 24/7
  6. Private Facebook page to ask questions and post

Interview required to see if this is the right fit. 310-840-2253

Women's Circle for Graduates of the Attracting Everything You Want Program - Level 2 starting in October

This is a three month program that will set your intentions for the balance of the year and get you off to a roaring start in 2016.

You get it! A lot has come up and you have had a major breakthrough or on the path to knowing what you have to do. You are an achiever and are getting it done. This support opens you up to new possibilities and keeps you accountable.

  1. A monthly live group meeting
  2. An amazing circle of new women friends who are willing to support your journey
  3. A monthly private one hour coaching call with Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana to access your progress
  4. A weekly Monday message to start the week
  5. Support 24/7
  6. Private Facebook page to ask questions and post

Interview required to see if this is the right fit. 310-840-2253

Men's Circle starting in October

This is a one month weekly circle for men.

The demands and pressures that men face today require an extraordinary level of courage, authenticity and tenacity. Are you ready to take a risk and see what life's like on the other side of the door you've come to? If you're ready to answer a call from deep within your heart and mind, you're in the right place.

Interview required. 310-840-2253

Women's Conference Alert: Designed for Women in the Motion Picture and Television Community (but hasn't life turned into show-business?)

I'll be one of the presenters. Sunday, September 27th, 2015 at the Montage Beverly Hills. Hope to see you there. Learn more.

Business and Life Coaching

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide ranging as the individuals involved.

Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana provides personalized, focused coaching to help individuals reach their professional and personal goals. She helps individuals discover and leverage their strengths, recognize obstacles to success, and identify a course of action to help them maximize performance.

Inner Fitness Life Coaching gives people the boost they need to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Words of Wisdom

Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.

~ Alan Cohen

The purpose of our lives is to be the best which is within us.

~ Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana

about the Publisher

As the creator of the personal growth concept Inner Fitness, Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana is a yoga therapist, a certified clinical hypnotherapist an ordained Science of Mind Minister, wellness consultant and life coach.

Her private practice is based in Los Angeles but she travels extensively as a speaker, corporate trainer, teacher and leads life-affirming healing retreats. She has over 30 years of experience in helping people transform their lives, control stress, and achieve balance, harmony and peace of mind.


About ten years ago I hit my early 40ies and the weight began to really pile on. I was stressed, overworked and ending a marriage. It wasn't a great time in my life and I felt like I was at the lowest point in my life. A friend had starting working with Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana for a completely different set of circumstances and couldn't speak better of her skill in listening and helping her. I was frankly desperate. The minute I met her I knew I found a wonderful teacher. Deeply spiritual and very funny, she slowly brought me back to who I was. The fact that I am now slim and in a great relationship is a small benefit and most important, I am alive again. I do a session with her every time I visit LA just for a tune up! Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana has a fan for life.

Ian Sperling - Attorney
San Francisco , Ca.

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