In a recent Fortune interview, Google co-founder Larry Page discussed his company’s early days: “You have this fear of failing and of doing something new, which is very natural.

In order to do stuff that matters, you need to overcome that.” When it comes to creating new ways of getting work done to improve performance in all parts of life– not just at work,
but at home, in the community, and for your self and for your body too –how exactly do you follow Page’s advice?

Overcoming ‘beginners’ fear

Start out positively and child-like and follow through with that attitude. You have to give yourself time to learn what you don’t know and allow yourself to make (human) mistakes.
Knowing your limitations is also important. If you’ve never done yoga or meditated before of course it’s going to be challenging and probably somewhat frustrating at times, so you need to learn those skills and again allow yourself some time to learn and improve with time.

When learning a new skill goal setting can be helpful because you can make a checklist for yourself and every time you accomplish something on the list you can check it off and move on.
You can see your mental and technical accomplishments/improvements (were you’ve come from and where you are going). This will help keep you motivated and help you feel successful;
even if it’s not the ‘perfect’ level of success. I watch so many of you grow more flexible and stronger.

Being perfect

Why is it that everyone wants to be good at everything they do, whether they’ve done it or not? How can you be good at something you’ve never done? Society puts a lot of pressure on all of us to be perfect at whatever we do but is that realistic? It’s important to ask yourself these questions when thinking about taking on a new skill or task. It’s important to be realistic with yourself. You didn’t wake up one morning, decide you wanted to be lawyer, doctor or dentist and jump perfectly into it the next day. When you were a child you were born to walk and run you had to learn how to do these things. Everything takes time and patience. My advice for you is to go into situations with an open, positive, child-like mind and to push past thinking ‘you can’t do something’, into thinking, ‘you can do anything you open your mind to.’