For those of you who follow me  you know I am reminded daily of the sun and moon cycles because of where I live close to the beach in Santa Monica, Ca.  Since we are working on consciousness in addition to the physical practice of yoga, I want you be aware of the upcoming full Blue Moon tonight.

A blue moon occurs when two full moons fall in the same month. The second of the two is referred to as the “Blue Moon.” You may have also heard of the expression, “Once in a blue moon…” denoting an occasion of rare occurrence. We seem to  agree then, that a Blue Moon is a rare and special occasion! Those of spiritual mind may ask, “what does a Blue Moon represent spiritually?”

Any Full Moon is a spiritual time of “purging.” When a moon is in its full phase, it has the greatest gravitational pull on the Earth’s elements. This can especially be seen in the tides of the ocean. Since we are made of 80% water, it is given then, that the moon during this time, also has its greatest gravitational pull on us.

Now, water can be further broken down into particles of energy. Our thoughts, our emotions are also energy. Many carry these sometimes highly charged emotions and thoughts in their bodies, for unnecessary periods of time. Since our bodies are made of water and energy, and the moon, when it is full, has its strongest gravitational pull on us, it is safe to say this time is a natural time of release. It is a time of purging, of pulling out, and letting go!

It is difficult enough to let go of things that no longer serve our life’s purpose, especially those things that at one time or another have meant a great deal to us. Nonetheless, letting go and “cleaning house,” if you will, is necessary in order to grow! It may even be necessary to your health!

During a Blue Moon, this purging effect is intensified, because it is the second occurrence of a full moon in the same month! Why not use nature to your advantage? Mother Nature is always waiting to nurture and cleanse. Moons, cycles, and the seasons have been strategically placed in order to inherently keep us in a constant state of renewal. Once you begin to connect with this, you will begin to feel and move with the natural rhythm of life, too! Sounds a lot easier than swimming upstream, doesn’t it?

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is meant to be explored. Life is meant to be an adventure, a journey back to ourselves, and our true nature.

With each exhale, each release, each purge, we make room for the fresh and new to come rushing in. What will you be letting go of this Blue Moon?

Remember, some blessings only come once in a blue moon.