I believe that a circle provides a natural way for women to gather and creates a safe place to congregate for confidences, support, ceremony and tradition where it is possible to experience being heard and supported. From ancient to modern times circles has been used by people to respond to the needs of our increasingly complex lives.

What it does: 
Circles allow a feeling of safety, warmth and comfort
. Provides an opportunity for an open, honest exchange of stories, ideas and challenges
. Brings out the
collective wisdom of women when they gather
. I invite you to celebrate the honoring of the feminine; that place of deep inner knowing The intention is to unburden us and leave feeling clearer and lighter. 
This program is based on the book “Calling In The One.”

Get ready for the ride of your life ladies. This program is going to dive deep into all the accumulated “stuff” you have been carrying around and are ready to let go of and attract exactly the right partner, perfect job, career shift or next step.

• Telling Our Stories, Healing Our Patterns

• Effective and Compassionate Communication

• Embrace more love, peace, joy and gratitude for yourself

• Content rich with materials and study guide to document your progress

• Combining ancient wisdom with grounded practicality

The “Attracting Everything You Want” Program lasts four months beginning in April.

• A monthly live group meeting

• An amazing circle of new women friends who are willing to support your journey

• A monthly private one hour coaching call to access your progress

• A monthly group coaching call

• Support 24/7

And so much more………

“I joined the Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana’s “Calling in the One” course at a time of huge transition in my life. “Transition” meaning a lot of things were ending or weren’t really working, but I definitely didn’t have a plan for what was next. This course made me think deeply about my goals and priorities, and what I wanted to "call-in". This included romance, but also a major career transition, great friends, and new priorities about my leisure time. In the two years since I started, I have created, and have been fortunate to receive, a wonderful romance (a man who I recently married), a new job I really wanted, and many other small (but equally important) changes. I attribute a lot of the clarity and confidence that I needed to achieve this to my participation in this course, the Rev. Dr., and the other women I shared this experience with.” – Kayla de la Haye

Limited spots are available. Please call me direct for interview. 310-922- 2253




$547 paid in full
before April 12th

After April 12th: $597

Made in two payments of $298.50