How do you know when it’s time?

How do make the most of not yet?

Hide-and-seek is not so much a game of being found as it is a game of anticipation. The moment the “seeker” yells ready or not! Everything changes.
You try to slow your racing heart, control your breathing & keep your location a secret.

Ready? Or not? These are simple questions we apply to some of life’s biggest decisions: Am I ready for graduate school? Am I ready to get married?
Am I ready to quit my job & head out on my own? Am I really ready to get in shape? Am I ready to have a strong yoga practice and to meditate on a daily

If you find yourself pondering these questions, accept that there are no right or wrong answers.
There is only the answer that works best for you – at the moment you seek it.

It helps to check your motivation, to weigh it against true readiness. Being scared is part of of the process.
Asking yourself if you’re ready or not doesn’t quell fear. The answers confidently propel you into the unknown (a career change)
or calmly lead you toward finding workable, livable solutions (making the most of your current situation) or mixing it up and stepping into the unknown.

So, are you ready? or not?

It helps to have a guide to help you navigate. I lead because I have been there and chartered most of these questions in my life and came out with
profound solutions to help myself and help others. I have been coaching for nearly three decades and everything changes except the fundamentals.
We all need support. I am here to help you make those BIG decisions in your life even something as simple to rolling out your mat to listen.
Book either a coaching session or private yoga session and let’s start the work together. 310-840-2253