If you’re presently feeling like you are a hamster spinning on a wheel and racing or stuck, chances are good it’s because you live in the shadow of yesterday’s challenges, last month’s heartbreak or last year’s crises.

Or perhaps you are living for the future, doing everything you can to ensure a tomorrow, next week or next year that will hopefully be better than what you are experiencing right now.

But let me assure you, this isn’t living. It’s barely surviving and it’s disempowering and robs you of all that you are here to be and experience.

You suffer for one reason only. You are in resistance to what is. In this state you are fighting for control because you feel as though you know better.

However, you have a choice. At some point you will give up and give in and begin a journey toward living in the present moment, a state of being where you are fully aligned with what is, with complete acceptance. In this space there is no suffering. Our time to experience what this spacious way of being feels like is during your yoga and meditation practice.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness is a powerful vibrational journey that supports you in disengaging from the ever increasing demands of your outer reality into accessing the infinite wellspring of peace and presence that lives at your core. It’s a stillness practice powered by vibration and frequency that allows you to live in an expanded state of awareness. With 360 degrees of clarity and a rock solid foundation of peace that comes from a steadfast ability to constantly bring your awareness back to the present moment and view life without judgment.