Just like millions of others, I have been processing the shocking events of the 2016 Presidential Election. It’s taken me a minute to get my bearings.

My heart is deeply saddened for our country, for the world, and mostly, for those who voted for a person they thought would truly bring in change outside of the system. I’m saddened not because they voted for Trump — for that is our American right — but because I fear their hearts will break when the ideal they voted-in is simply not met and the “working American” is left behind. No matter who is in the White House, the Congress is the Congress, and it’s still deeply entrenched in the system.

The message was not just about “who would be president” but contained a much more important message about consciousness and how important it was for us to claim our own power this election–  and how not put our faith in one person at the top to save us.

I now get the importance of that message.

The hard, cold, scary truth is that no future is set in stone. Think about it. That would sort of rule out free will. And that’s just not reality.

As humans, we’ve been trained that we can’t trust ourselves. As such, our faith is rattled by external events. We give away our faith and hope and power too easily. Never let one  anyone  rob you of your faith. Never give anyone or anything that kind of power over your brilliance, your belief, your instincts, or your hope.

That brilliance is precious, and is yours alone.

We can be encouraged and uplifted by the many. We can rely on others for confirmation. We are be here for each other. Yet if we allow one person to become the sole scaffolding for our faith in ourselves, in our nation, in our ability to bring change, in our ability to believe — then the faith never existed within us to begin with.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on my everyday reality. What we choose to do with our daily quality of life is up to us. Because as we’ve learned — all we can control is today.

I choose hope. I choose peace. I choose love. I choose moving forward in my own life and my family’s life with proactive and beautiful participation in my community and my world.

I will support my great nation, my neighbors, my spiritual life, my friends and my family, and I will do so with excitement, strength, enthusiasm, and love.

I am not in denial about what may be potential human and civil rights roadblocks ahead in the USA. However, I refuse to live in the fearful shadow of worst-case-scenarios. I will not be bullied or shamed into fear by those whose fear is drowning them. Should I need to stand against the tide of injustice that could potentially present itself, I shall stand with a dignity and a piercing fierceness that will shatter the darkness.

I choose a brilliant and inspired future, bright with opportunities. I choose positivity in moving forward, not because I can’t handle my own shadows, but because I can.

I choose invention and innovation, expansion and growth. I choose education over force, hope over fear.

And I choose compassion over judgment.

I’m not a saint. I’m human.  I choose to use this power with respect and responsibility to the many. Not because I’m some do-gooder Pollyanna with my head up my sparkling spiritual keister believing I’m more pious than others. But because I’m a seasoned practitioner of spiritually and I am acutely aware of the cause and effect of intention, application, and choice.

So if you want to fix what’s in Washington — fix what’s in your heart first. Direct all your energy to the cause that speaks most to your passion and life. The world needs you now more than ever.

I’ll be honest: I don’t know what the recent election means for our collective future.

But, I do know that we need to fight harder than ever before for what matters to us.

Stand up against:

  • Big Ag, Monsanto, and other greedy corporations that put profits and power ahead of our kids’ health and the environment.
  • Education Reform…an uneducated populace becomes ruled
  • Affordable Housing…more and more people are living in the streets in the richest country in the world
  • Energy-its not about sending people into the mines..that’s over and done, but what’s next?
  • Global Warming
  • Women’s rights – I can go on and on with this one/ misogyny in general
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Diversity/Racial divides…we are going backwards
  • Healthcare Costs and Insurance costs
  • Literacy – the average age of reading comprehension is 7th grade
  • Civil Rights
  • Dismantling of National Parks
  • Addiction Crisis

I can go on and on. Pick one thing you are passionate about and steer your energy towards that.

We must not let one candidate make us forget how many we are and the power we have.  Let’s all get back in the game.