Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana has been chosen as a Provita Pro Of The Month for March 2016!

Read her entire interview below:

“As we say goodbye to Winter, we are welcoming Spring’s warmer weather and sunshine with open arms. This is the season of renewal, rejuvenation, cleansing, detoxifying, and anew. And what better way to kick off Spring but with tips and advice from our Pros!

Please meet our March Pros of the Month: Reverend Dr. Louise-Diana, Yoga Pro LA and James Everett, Fitness Pro NY. Here’s what they had to say!

Reverend Dr. Louise-Diana is one our Yoga Pros in LA. She brings her 35 years of experience of teaching yoga and meditation and her unique way of helping clients transcend their limitations and helps them honor their ideal life that reflects their dreams and values. She is known for her uplifting yoga style, integration of music along with her own brand of wit and wisdom.


Question #1 After a long winter, do you have a routine or ritual to prepare your body for Spring?
Since I live at the beach in Santa Monica, CA, I have a lifestyle created around my location and teach yoga all year long outside as well as inside. During the cooler months I increase my hiking in the mountains and tend to amp up spinning indoors followed by weight training. When time permits you can find me doing some ecstatic dance or Zumba. Once a week I do laps in an indoor pool.


Question #2 Have you ever made a drastic change to your fitness routine to help you accomplish a specific goal? What was it and how did you accomplish it?
When I traveled around India for three years, it was an accomplishment to stay focused and healthy. Doing yoga under all new circumstances and locations challenged my beliefs and kept bringing me back to “beginners mind”. I started and ended every day with meditation and chanting. That’s what gave me routine and left me open for all the wonderful experiences I had. In addition, graduate school was a beast and just maintaining my practice and teaching was a victory.


Question #3 What is one thing you must do to start your day off right?

Every morning, I awake and do pretty much the same thing. I cover the basics…brush teeth, wash face, minimal makeup and make my bed…I am particular about that and have a LOT of pillows so it’s a moving meditation in itself. Something about cleaning up my bedroom sets the tone for the day. I drink room temperature water all day and start with an 8oz glass with a squeezed lemon followed by a rice bran/probiotic drink or green tea, which is delicious. And I’m ready to start my day!”

-By Julia Chan / Read on