New Moons are always a potent time to plant seeds for new beginnings. September’s New Moon intentions will have a lasting effect through the course of your life. Solar eclipses light the path for your future. This is the time to express your true nature. Relationships formed now can transform your life. Decisions made at this time will change the course of your direction.

Vision is just imagination if you aren’t prepared to act.

While I am not a fanatic about the placement of the stars and moon cycles, I do have a tendency to look up at the sky frequently living here at the beach and am aware deeply of the ebb and flow that we all live in energetically. We are in a potent cycle right now.

Between September 13th and 27th, you will be sandwiched between a New Moon Solar Eclipse and a Supermoon Moon Lunar Eclipse.

So expect, a new surge of energy from within, an undying need for transformation, and the start of your legacy…

I can’t stress how important this time is. Think of it as a rare, yet super strong wave of inspiration, energy, focus, and drive.

And if you ride it right, you’ll find yourself making decisions that will change your life completely.

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So use this time wisely and make the necessary changes to push you forward in working on your fitness, finding the right relationship or improving the one you are in (or with yourself), changing jobs, or cultivating your passion. Go for it.