The work I do is transformational. What would your life look like if everything were working and everything was unfolding in the perfect way to express your most creative self?
It is the perfect time of the year to creatively set the bar.

Imagine a safe, nurturing space where you can bond and share, give and receive ideas, support, and encouragement – and use the power of the group  to manifest your creativity .

I know that it’s an important time to chart a deeply aligned path to help you unfold your vision and your dreams for this year.
and allow your life to truly flourish in unimaginable ways.

My circles offer a powerful gateway into the transformational work I will be sharing during my upcoming  Spring/Summer Women’s Circle — starting at the end of the month. I am offering the spiritual wisdom and depth of approaching your life and business within a modern context.

We’ve all had struggles in our lives…in our relationships, our careers, our health…and the one thing that’s made the biggest difference is having amazing mentors – people who have “been there” — who took us by the hand and lead us through the rocky terrain of life.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already thinking that you need new knowledge and additional support to find your way to the next level in your life — you just may not know exactly what that support would look like or how to find it…One thing you know for sure is that you are no longer willing to take the slow path to living the life you were meant to live. You’re tired of letting time tick by and not yet feel like you own your life.

Benefits from the Circle:
*Clarify Your Purpose and live every day with joy and passion.  Once you are clear on your purpose, the miracles begin to roll!
*Create renewed energy and vibrant health so you live each day feeling strong, clear and alive.  I have so much to share with you that really work in this area.
*Master the keys to manifesting your grandest dreams and eliminate the habits that are holding you back no matter how tenacious they seem.
*Experience more self-love than ever before – and watch how your life changes when that self-love radiates out and attracts deeply connected and fulfilling relationships.
*Live an unshakably happy and successful life – for no reason and every reason.
*Tap into your most creative self

Here is what you will get in this four month program:

1X a month we meet in the circle and work together as a group. This is powerful and working face-to-face offers sisterhood and the ability to voice the creativity emerging.

We’ll use the book The Artists Way by Julia Cameron as a resource.

1X a month we will meet for a personal one-on-one mentoring session. Worth the whole course.

Unlimited support 24/7.

Starts Sunday, May 5th in Santa Monica………
Early Bird – $597 via PayPal
After April 21st – $647 via PayPal

Are you ready? 

Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana