It’s the Spring time and love and change is in the air. As promised here is the program I have had much success with  that will clear away the obstacles that have been holding you back from love….or landing the right job or jump starting your career.


Ladies – Attracting Everything You Want 
Based on the book “Calling In The One”.


Are you sick and tired of endless dating? Not finding the right connection, let alone your soul-mate?

A broken heart? Relationships that are going nowhere? Fed up with the endless texting back and forth, one night stands, empty feeling the morning after?
Finding the right relationship requires attention.

OR perhaps there something you want so badly that it hurts? Is there a secret goal that you have? Do you wish there was a way to get what you want?
Are you spending your time doing what you really love every day  or wasting your time just covering your expenses at a job that doesn’t suit you?

Do you need a kick start to re-charge your business or are you just coasting along?

Get ready for the ride of your life ladies. This intensive is going to dive deep into all the accumulated “stuff” you have been carrying around and are ready to let go of and attract exactly the right partner, perfect job or career shift.

  • Telling Our Stories, Healing Our Patterns
  • Effective and Compassionate Communication
  • Embrace more love, peace, joy and gratitude for yourself
  • Content rich with materials and study guide to document your progress
  • Combining ancient wisdom with grounded practicality
    Here is what you will get:*
  • A monthly live group meeting
  • An amazing circle of new women friends who are willing to support your journey
  • A monthly private one hour coaching call to access your progress
  • A monthly group coaching call 
  • Support 24/7

*This can be done virtually if you are not in the Los Angeles area.

And so much more………

“I joined the Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana’s “Calling in the One” course at a time of huge transition in my life. “Transition” meaning a lot of things were ending or weren’t really working, but I definitely didn’t have a plan for what was next. This course made me think deeply about my goals and priorities, and what I wanted to “call-in”. This included romance, but also a major career transition, great friends, and new priorities about my leisure time. In the two years since I started, I have created, and have been fortunate to receive, a wonderful romance (a man who I recently married), a new job I really wanted, and many other small (but equally important) changes. I attribute a lot of the clarity and confidence that I needed to achieve this to my participation in this course, the Rev. Dr., and the other women I shared this experience with.” 

– Kayla de la Haye


Limited spots are available. Please call for interview.


The “Calling In The One” program lasts four months beginning in May.


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Rev .Dr. Louise-Diana


About Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana

She is committed to using very simple human technologies – like active listening, speaking from the heart, slowing down, breathing, and connecting to  the deepest part of you
to support authentic relationships, a deeper sense of self, an essential shift in consciousness, and aligned living practices. All of her work seeks to uncover
ways for people to free themselves from dominating, soul-crushing  institutions and to live in greater alignment with their hearts and deepest values and with nature.