As a yogi, therapist and life coach I’m asked for advice on achieving goals — I usually joke and say, “It pays to have friends in high places.” (smile)

The truth is, everyone has access to Source and everyone can pray for certain goals (so long as they’re for the highest good of all). The problem is most people set a goal and then hang on to it for dear life, while forgetting to release it to the “powers that be.”

Think about it. How often have you really, really, really wanted something, and so you talked about it, dreamed about it, fantasized about it, and obsessed over it, yet for whatever reason it took a really long time to play out or never came to fruition at all.

Yet, why is it things you don’t care that much about often appear so darn easily?

Why? Why is it we can ask and ask and ask… and not reach our goals? Yet the minute we stop looking that’s when our goal appears?

God says it’s because we’ve finally gotten out of its way!! (smile)

I really believe that, too, because I’ve watched so many people pray, manifest (…have a “pray-fest” as I like to say), and they hang on to their wish so hard, they don’t let go.

It is often in the surrender that desires are allowed .

Source cannot lead the way unless you make room, trust, and release.

To simplify things as much as possible, here are 8 easy steps to achieving your goals: (Simply find a quiet place to begin.)

*Be sure your mood is positive and on neutral ground (don’t get attached to any outcome, because the answer you receive may be “No”)
*Always make your request using Present Tense “as if” it’s already happened. eg: I now have plenty of money to pay all my bills plus tithe 10%
*Be sure your request feels realistic and genuine (otherwise you’ll run up against self-sabotage from your subconscious mind which has way more power than you may think)
*Be sure to ask for something on your own behalf (Asking on someone’s else’s behalf can backfire — unless you have their permission first and really know what you’re doing)
*Be precise and concise (simple is better) with some specific detail upon request (Remember, don’t get attached to an outcome)
*Eliminate the words “want” or “need” in your request since these words imply LACK and will cut off flow to Source. Replace them with the words “trust” and “allow” instead.

MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!: Once you’ve set the goal and thought about it then release it from your head and move it to your heart to really feel the feeling. Actually visualize a stream of green carrying it away from you and onto Source directly by way of love and spirit.

Finally, send gratitude and know with certainty that your prayers have been heard. — Then, think no more about it. (Remove it from your head completely while leaving hope in your heart that it may grow.)

“Thy will be done.”