We are half way through the year. How are you doing with that list of ambitious goals you set for yourself this year? Have you gotten distracted, off-course,or living without a plan at all? Let’s not panic. It’s time to pause… the summer is coming and there is time to reset the button. We do this best when we are surrounded by other people focused on the same thing.

The number one reason that people fail to achieve their goals is; they lack clarity of vision about the life they want to live. The reason for this lack of clarity is that they have committed little, or no time to developing clarity of vision. People will takes sufficient time to think about their vacation, the clothes they want to wear, the TV shows they want to watch; but they are unwilling to spend a little time each week developing clarity of vision regarding their future. The end result of these choices is a life spent chasing instant gratification at the expense of personal fulfillment.

Many people think that they are setting clear and effective goals but they are merely identifying things which they would like to have or do; not what they truly desire. These goals do not tie into a clear vision of the life they wish to lead. They lack identity and purpose. The problem with this approach is that when things get tough you will not push yourself that extra mile for something you would like to have. You will only push yourself that far for something you truly desire. Personal fulfillment comes from accomplishing goals that you truly desire.

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