Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana
So many people have asked me to write a blog so I am jumping in to the party. This will be a more efficient way for me to stay connected with the many people in my life who are interested in what I bring to the conversation regarding health, well being, personal growth, consciousness, and spirituality.

For those of you who are meeting me for the first time, I have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 30 years and this extraordinary path was my introduction to waking up as a young person.

Yoga has been good to me. As a young woman it gave me a place to land frequently when life got out of control as it does frequently. It continues to be the basis for all that I am in this life and my entire lifestyle and business is designed around it. I expanded into therapy, speaking and became a non-denominational Science of Mind Minister along the way, earning my masters in Theology and Ph. D. in comparative religion. I love to travel, eat-well, and teach. Life is challenging but ultimately very good. It is a great time to be alive. I’ll write on the body, mind, and spirit dynamic- perhaps share a great recipe I come across or insight I gain but most important, just stay connected. I’d love to hear back if something resonates. Please leave your comments below each blog post.

Considering everything that is currently going on in the world, here are a few thoughts about staying focused:

  • The act of staying cool under pressure is one of the primary characteristics of staying in balance.
  • Fact is – we learn more about someone’s character on their bad day than on on all their good days put together.
  • It’s easy to be happy-go-lucky, and make great decisions when everything is going our way.
  • The question is how do we respond when the challenges come?
  • It’s at this precise moment that who we are as a person is revealed to the world, and to ourselves.

When we quit, we automatically fail—simply meaning, we do not achieve a goal. Conversely, when the challenge is accepted we’re able to clearly understand the reason(s) for the challenge, find the opportunity, and continue on a different path.

How we handle temporary setbacks will ultimately determine our outcome.

Remember this, whether it’s a weed in the garden, a dream, desire or even fear —what we feed and focus attention on will eventually grow the most.

The same applies to opportunity. What we focus on is what we see and it expands.

When one seeks the good, good things happen. When one seeks the opportunity, opportunities occur.